Heavy Rains Hit Central PA

It’s been raining steadily in much of south-central Pennsylvania for more than 24 hours and rainfall totals in some areas have topped a half a foot. The heavy rains have caused road closures and some schools are closing early and canceling Friday night football games.

The rain was part of a slow moving system approaching the region from the southeast, bringing with it moisture from the Atlantic. Forecasters had predicted another 1-to-2 inches of rain today, with up to 6 inches already reported by the National Weather Service. PEMA reported sporadic flooding in and around the Harrisburg area this morning. The impacted area stretches from the state line all the way north to near Williamsport.

For central PA, the storm system represents the most significant single rainfall since the remnants of Tropical Storm Lee passed through in 2011, dumping up to 15 inches of rain. Some areas were still dealing with damages from that tropical disaster when more flooding hit Thursday night.