Governor Tom Wolf on Senate Bill 76 – affecting sales and personal income taxes

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  1. gordon
    gordon says:

    This bill isnt any different than when it was brought up last yr , he says he hasnt read it yet, he is willing to look at it . All non committal Answers, READ IT MR WOLF AND HELP PASS IT IN BOTH CHAMBERS BEFORE THE NEXT VOTE TO REPLACE YOU AS GOVERNOR, THIS BILL COULD BE WHAT GETS YOU RE-ELECTED OR BOOTED TO THE CURB

  2. gordon
    gordon says:

    What happened to my comment ? Is this some kind of pro wolf election stunt, he said nothing that means anything, jibber jabber

  3. Tom
    Tom says:

    This bill.MUST pass and pass NOW. The present school property tax system leaves people homeless and this insanity must stop now.Please let’s get this done.

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