River Town Residents Prepare for Flooding

Flood waters on the Susquehanna near Goldsboro home.

Residents along the Susquehanna River had a busy morning Thursday, preparing as the water rose. In Goldsboro, York County, neighbors helped a man who recently had surgery move his possessions out of the basement. The wall by the window bore marks noting the floods that had hit the house before. But there wasn’t room for a mark for Agnes, because at that level, the water would reach his top floor.

Debris from overnight flash flooding at Goldsboro park.

Down the river at the railroad underpass, another man was watching the water rise. Water from Fishing Creek, backed up where it meets the Susquehanna River, had blocked the only road in. His campsite and boat were on the other side. A pizza shop nearby was closed as flood water crept closer to the building. People watching the rising water said if the flood hits levels predicted, it will sweep across the main road that leads into the borough.