Flooded backyard near Goldsboro railroad underpass.


Students who were hit hard financially by flooding from Hurricane Irene or Tropical Storm Lee might be able to get additional state grant money to help with higher education costs.    The Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency has a process that allows grant award applicants to submit a casualty loss form for reconsideration of state grant awards when they’re affected by a disaster.

PHEAA spokesman Mike Reiber says the process applies to those who received grant awards and even those who applied, but did not receive an award. However, those who did not apply for a state grant for the current academic year will not be able to seek the extra assistance.

Reiber says if a disaster affects a student’s ability to pay for their education, they should learn more about submitting a casualty loss form. He says they may be eligible for an increase in their award to help them through this difficult time.

Reiber says he was a victim of Agnes flooding in 1972, so he understands that it can be very devastating and it’s encouraging for these students to know there may be some help available.

The forms are available at PHEAA.org/casualty-loss.