New Law Makes PA Preferred Program Permanent

The PA Preferred branding program seeks to connect Pennsylvania agriculture with Pennsylvania consumers.  “When a consumer hears or sees the PA Preferred logo, they should be thinking about quality, locally grown produce from Pennsylvania,” says State Rep. Stephen Bloom (R-Cumberland), the prime sponsor of HB 1424, which has just been signed into law by Governor Tom Corbett.  “This is going to help it grow to the next level so that we can connect more consumers with that quality Pennsylvania produce they’re looking for.” 

The PA Preferred program has been around, administratively, since 2004. The new law will call upon the state Department of Agriculture to acquire, register, license, protect and promote the PA Preferred brand on an ongoing basis.  Bloom tells Radio PA the permanency of the program will attract more businesses to invest in the PA Preferred logo. 

Agriculture, as most know, is the leading industry in Pennsylvania.  “I say that we have the best and we need to promote it, and promote it better,” says Governor Tom Corbett.  Corbett signed the new law in the produce section of the Giant Food Store in Camp Hill, Cumberland County.  “Buying local and eating fresh is good for our families, good for our communities and good for the Pennsylvania economy.”  Officials say one out of every seven jobs in Pennsylvania is related to agriculture.

Gov. Corbett Signs PA Preferred Legislation

State Rep. Stephen Bloom looks on as Gov. Corbett signs the new PA Preferred law.