Library of Congress Exhibit Rolls into PA

The Library of Congress “Gateway to Knowledge” exhibition arrived in Uniontown, PA via self-contained tractor trailer.  The XL trailer expands to three times its road size to provide a first rate museum experience.  “We’re introducing people – or reintroducing them – to some of the resources that are available at the Library of Congress,” says traveling docent Abigail Van Gelder.  “The displays inside use graphic panels and graphic reproductions to get deeper into what’s in some of the collection.” 

Van Gelder spoke with Radio PA via telephone from Uniontown where the exhibition is stationed through Saturday.  Then, it’s off to Lancaster for a stopover on Tuesday and Wednesday.  These are the only two Pennsylvania stops on the big rig’s itinerary.  Van Gelder says they’ve spent the past year down South and in the Midwest.  This begins their tour of America’s East. 

Spider Man - 1962

Spider Man first appeared in Marvel Comics in 1962. A reproduction is on display inside the Gateway to Knowledge exhibition.

Some of the more popular reproductions and displays include the 1455 Gutenberg Bible and Thomas Jefferson’s rough draft of the Declaration of Independence.  “Something our younger visitors really enjoy learning about is the Library’s comic book collection, and especially the original drawings of Spider Man,” Van Gelder says. 

The Library of Congress has some 20-million items digitized and available for the public to view online.  “So many people don’t realize how easy it is to access [the Library of Congress] and how easy it is for you to use.”

(photo credits: Library of Congress)