Corbett Pleased with Recent Bipartisanship, Eager for More

While addressing upcoming talks of pension reform, on Radio PA’s Ask the Governor program, Tom Corbett emphasized that pensions are a bipartisan issue.  “There has been an outbreak of bipartisanship as far as I am concerned, not only in Harrisburg but across Pennsylvania,” he continued.

Gov. Corbett cites bipartisan votes on a host of budget-related bills, including new education and energy tax credit programs.  “We had labor and industry standing with me on the stage, prior to the budget, talking about the energy tax credit.  Republicans and Democrats.  I had to take a picture.  I’m going to frame it and put it on the wall.”

Corbett adds that he’s been working closely with Democratic Congressman Bob Brady on regulatory issues that are proving to be vital to efforts to save jobs at several idled oil refineries in southeastern Pennsylvania.

“I bring this up because, right now, Washington can’t do it.  Maybe the states need to lead the way as to how you get this done,” Corbett said of the bipartisan tone that he wants to carry over into the fall session.


Here’s the picture of Gov. Corbett standing with labor & industry, Republicans & Democrats. Not only does he want to frame it, but Corbett quips that it should wind up in history books.