Aggressive Driving Enforcement Wave Underway in Pennsylvania

PennDOT, state troopers and local police have joined together to combat aggressive driving as spring construction season gets underway.   The enforcement wave will continue through April 29th, targeting speeding, tailgating and other aggressive driving behaviors. 

Erin Waters, a spokeswoman for PennDOT, says there will special attention in work zones.  She says they want to be sure people are keeping safety in mind.  There were more than 1800 crashes in work zones last year.  She says most of the fatalities involved people inside vehicles, rather than workers on the road.

Waters says federal funding is helping with the increased enforcement.  She reminds drivers they need to use their headlights in active work zones and obey the posted speed limit reductions.  She says fines are doubled for violations in work zones.

Waters says people can learn more about work zone safety and aggressive driving at