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One-on-One with Sam Rohrer, Republican for US Senate

Sam Rohrer

Sam Rohrer

Republicans across the state likely remember Sam Rohrer as Tom Corbett’s opponent in the 2010 gubernatorial primary.  Berks County residents know him best as a nine-term State Rep.  Now Rohrer tells us an out-of-control federal government is compelling him to run for US Senate. 

Rohrer believes his voting record in Harrisburg can propel him to victory in the April 24th primary.  His 18-years there are marked by battles for 2nd Amendment rights, pro-life issues, no tax increases and personal freedom.  “I’m the only one who can say that I have fought those issues, and I will fight those issues in Washington.”

Rohrer was also the author of Pennsylvania’s original school choice law – the Educational Improvement Tax Credit program – while serving in the House.  His campaign has picked up the endorsements of two former presidential candidates in recent days: Herman Cain and Michele Bachmann. 

Rohrer’s currently in the midst of something called the “Red Truck Tour,” which is making 100 statewide stops in a red Ford pickup truck. “That is really our symbol of American wherewithal, of an average man, which is what I am,” Rohrer explains, “I’m not a wealthy guy, I’m just an average guy.”  He grew up on a farm in Ohio; his father was a steel worker for 43-years. 

Rohrer is a grassroots campaigner, eager to talk about his conservative credentials.  “People don’t want promises, what they want is someone they can trust.” 

Radio PA has reached out to all five candidates running for the GOP nomination for US Senate.  We’ll continue to post updates here from all that respond, and run our full interviews on Radio PA Roundtable.