2012 Farm Show: By the Numbers

Record crowds filled the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex from January 7th – 14th.  While an actual head count is impossible for the 24-acre, 11-buiding complex, officials say they parked 70,000 cars in official Farm Show lots.  That’s a 22% increase over last year. 

To satisfy the masses, the Pennsylvania Co-operative Potato Growers served up more than 270,000 doughnuts and 40,000 baked potatoes. 

Over at the Pennsylvania Dairymen’s Association booth, they used up more than 14,000 gallons of milkshake mix and 6,000 pounds of Mozzarella cheese. 

Right next door to the Dairymen’s booth at the PA Preferred Food Court, the Pennsylvania Mushroom Grower’s Cooperative sold more than 7,000 pounds of mushrooms.   And those are just a few examples.   

The record crowds did more than nosh on food court favorites, they witnessed 10,000 competitive exhibits, 6,000 animals and 300 commercial exhibitors. 

The Pennsylvania Farm Show Scholarship Foundation presented 26-students with $3,500 scholarships, and will surpass the million dollar mark in overall scholarships awarded in 2013. 

The 1,000 pound butter sculpture has been turned over to a Juniata County dairy farmer to be converted into 65-kilowatt hours of electricity.  That’s enough to power the farm for roughly three days. 

Just two days after the 2012 Farm Show closed its doors, it’s on to the next event for the Farm Show Complex.  The PA Draft Horse Sale will run Tuesday and Wednesday. 

Farm Show Food Court, Doughnuts

Potato doughnuts are always a big hit at the Farm Show.