Poll Suggests Gov. Corbett Vulnerable in 2014

Just 39% of voters approve of the job Governor Tom Corbett is doing, according to Wednesday’s Quinnipiac Poll, while 49% disapprove.  The governor’s Quinnipiac Poll numbers have been worse – 35% approval in June 2013 – but not by much. 

Pollster Tim Malloy also took an early look at potential General Election matchups for Corbett in 2014.  “If the election were held today, six of the possible Democratic contenders, their races with the governor would be too close to call,” Malloy explains, “and he would in fact lose convincingly to Representative Joe Sestak and he would lose as well to Allyson Schwartz.”

Former US Congressman Joe Sestak is currently leading Corbett 47 – 38, while current US Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz leads Corbett 42 – 39.  Neither has officially entered the race.   

However Corbett can at least hang his hat on the fact that he’s polling better than the General Assembly.  The legislature’s approval numbers stand at 28 – 58.  Malloy says, “It’s a tough time to be a politician.”