New Crime Stoppers Website Goes Live

The Pennsylvania Crime Stoppers website is getting a high-tech makeover.  PA Crime Stoppers teamed up with state police and Crime Watch Pennsylvania to create a new web portal that allows visitors to view more up-to-date information on fugitives and unsolved crimes in their area – then easily share that info through social media.  “The benefit to us is basically helping law enforcement get more criminals off the street and solve unsolved cases, and cold cases that will be featured on our website,” says Pennsylvania Crime Stoppers Coordinator Kira Lemmons. 

The new technology also allows Crime Stoppers to instantaneously send information to their website, Facebook, Twitter and registered users.  “From there, they can go ahead and share it with their friends, individuals and businesses,” says Lemmons.  “It would basically help to solve the cases.”

Registered users are able to customize the information they receive to focus on an area as small or large as they would like.  In addition to the new look for, mobile phone apps are on the way. 

PA Crime Stoppers