Lottery Lawsuit Filed in Commonwealth Court

Union officials are mounting a legal challenge to the potential deal to privatize the management of the Pennsylvania Lottery.  “We feel that based on the Lottery Act passed in 1971… the privatization of the Lottery is not something the governor has exclusive jurisdiction to do.  We feel that legislative action has to be taken also,” explains AFSCME Council 13 Executive Director David Fillman, who points out that the General Assembly is currently between sessions. 

Several Lottery workers and Democratic state lawmakers have joined AFSCME in the effort to permanently block Governor Tom Corbett from entering into a deal that turns Lottery management over to a private entity.  Fillman says the Lottery is working well for government, and does not need to be privatized.    

A 20-year, $34-billion dollar bid from Camelot Global Services is currently under review, with a December 31st deadline fast approaching. 

“This is a frivolous lawsuit that’s looking out for the special interests of a union, rather than what the governor is trying to do, which is look out for the best interest of Pennsylvania’s senior citizens,” Corbett spokesman Kevin Harley tells Radio PA. 

Harley says the only reason privatization of Lottery management is being explored is to ensure revenue growth for the programs that benefit older Pennsylvanians.  He says no decision has been made.