Corbett Launches Kayak Tour

Governor Tom Corbett will split time between land and water for the remainder of the week, as he begins a three-day kayak tour of Wyoming and Luzerne counties on Wednesday.  Corbett says it gives him the chance to see Pennsylvania from a completely different perspective.  “I’ve seen it from the roads, I’ve seen it from the air, now I want to see it from the streams and rivers of Pennsylvania,” Corbett explained on Radio PA’s monthly “Ask the Governor” program. 

Tunkhannock Viaduct

Gov. Corbett will tour the historic Tunkhannock Viaduct during day one of his kayak trip.

It’s going to be a condensed sojourn down the Susquehanna River, due to Corbett’s recent back surgery.  “But if it works out, I’d like to be able to do it maybe two or three times next summer, and each summer thereafter,” Corbett says.  The goal is to promote Pennsylvania’s natural resources and their impact on the state’s tourism industry. 

The First Lady won’t be with him on this trip, but Corbett says the two enjoy kayaking on vacations.  This even gives the governor the chance to try out the new kayak Mrs. Corbett bought him for his birthday/Father’s Day back in June. 

As many Pennsylvanians remember, former Governor Tom Ridge held similar bicycle tours to promote travel and tourism during his time in office.