State Police Investigate 10 Fatal Crashes Over the New Year Holiday

Pennsylvania State Police investigated ten fatal crashes during the four-day holiday weekend that ran from December 30th through January 2nd.  They handled 552 wrecks, 141 fewer crashes than the last New Year’s holiday.

Six of those who were killed were not wearing seatbelts and two of the fatal crashes were blamed on drunk driving. State Police Sergeant Anthony Manetta says 285 people were arrested for driving under the influence, 379 people were cited for failing to buckle up and 51 did not have children properly restrained. Last year during the New Year’s weekend, 267 people were arrested for DUI, 458 cited for not buckling up and 42 failed to restrain children properly.

State Police issued fewer speeding tickets this year compared to last New Year’s, with 4012 cited last year compared to 3408 this year.

Sgt. Manetta says the strongest measures to protect drivers are proper seatbelt use and not drinking and driving.  He says people need to buckle themselves up and buckle children up.

The numbers only include cases handled by state police and do not include crashes investigated by other law enforcement agencies.