Governor Tom Corbett Answers Listener Email

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  1. Dustin Wilson
    Dustin Wilson says:

    Obviously you are gearing this towards running the beer distributors out of business. How can he possibly ask us to pay $150,000 just to sell 6 packs and wine, let alone having to bid for the liquor end of it. How is it fair that we pay such a high fee when Wal-Mart will only be asked to pay $30,000-$35,000 for this? It doesn’t help my business, it hurts it.

  2. Erick Seager
    Erick Seager says:

    The Gov’s plan will put 80% of beer distributors out of business. These are small business “mom and pop” beer distributors. If he wants to privatize the liquor stores fine, but leave the the beer distributors alone. My customers love the system as is.

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