Governor Tom Corbett Answers Listener Email

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  1. K. BOWMAN
    K. BOWMAN says:

    The statement was made that in order to fix roadways that taxes most likely would increase on gas prices. It was also stated that jobs would be created because businesses would locate here. How is that going to happen if those that are currently employed have to cut back their hours or quit altogether because they can’t afford to get to work? PA has one of the highest gas prices around. I am holding on to my job but raises have not been given in two years due to the economy. If gas continues like it is I will not be able to afford to work and I will not be able to afford not to work. Gas is already at a cost of approximately 1/2 my hourly rate. I already do my part by driving an economy car and I don’t do excess shopping because there is not any money for frivolous spending. Can’t you find another way to raise the money for roads besides gas.

    Thank you for taking time with this.
    K. Bowman

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