Electoral College Vote Makes Presidential Election Official

It was a scene being played out across the country as Pennsylvania’s presidential electors cast their ballots Monday for President and Vice President in Harrisburg.   The 57th Electoral College of Pennsylvania met at noon in the chambers of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. The outcome was expected; the 20 electors cast their ballots for President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden.

Clifford Levine, who served as president of the electoral session, explained why it was important. He told the electors and tellers that they were honoring the votes of a broad and diverse electorate, the aspirations of our founding fathers and the sacrifice of those who marched in our streets and fought in our wars to secure the right to vote.

Governor Corbett added that the gathering bears witness to the genius of our founders and enduring qualities of our national union.    He says the president exemplifies our national values and becomes in many ways a personification of America among other countries.

President Obama and his running mate defeated Republican Challenger Mitt Romney by about 310 thousand votes in the November 6th election in Pennsylvania.