Web Based Anti-bullying Program Being Introduced in Time for the new School Year

A new web-based program aimed at bullying is ready for the new

school year– free of charge.  “The Bullying Academy” was being introduced this week at the International Society for Technology in Education Conference in Philadelphia .

It’s  a project of the Students in the Know Foundation. Executive Director Tommy Walser says the program goes through the major topics of bullying for students in grades 4 through 8, including cyber bullying which many current school programs do not address.  

Walser says cyber bullying can happen through any electronic device. He feels it’s more dangerous than regular bullying because it can happen any time of day, out of the sigh of teachers and parents.  

Walser says the program is all web based, on line and available immediately to students.  It allows them to click on links and view videos.

Schools can register for the program at bullyingacademy.org. Walser says they need to fill out a form with relative information, such as which state they’re in.  Once a school registers and is entered in the database, its students can visit the web site and register individually for the program. 

Walser says the  program requires no additional software or extensive training. It can be implemented during any class period or extracurricular activity.

Walser says they’re trying to teach kids that everyone has civil rights and bullying becomes a legal issue when you violate those civil rights.