Random Octane Testing of PA Gasoline

Sticker Shock at the Pump

Drivers are taking another hit in the wallet with a jump in gas prices this month.

Nationally, gas prices are up 12 cents in just a week. AAA blames the sticker shock on higher crude prices- which have risen 17 percent in four weeks.  In Pennsylvania, the average price of gas has risen 15 cents a gallon since a month ago.

Jenny Robinson of AAA Mid Atlantic says global events like the unrest in Egypt and some production disruptions in Libya, Iraq and Nigeria are factors, but there are issues at home as well.  She says there are a number of refineries that are undergoing maintenance and repairs.  At the same time, we’re in the middle of peak summer vacation season, boosting demand.

Robinson   says experts believe prices could creep up at least a few more cents before the end of summer.  Any hurricanes could add to the pump price.