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House Budget Vote Could Come Today

Democrats and Republicans postured and battled Monday in the state House of Representatives, but in the end the Democrats fell short to the GOP majority on every critical vote.

The Democrats were pushing their own budget plan, which they said would increase spending for education and expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act, a move that the Corbett administration has balked at due to what the governor calls a lack of information from the feds. Democrats argued that at least three independent studies show that if Pennsylvania were to opt in to Medicaid expansion, there would be health and economic benefits for the Commonwealth. Republicans argued that it was still too soon to consider the expansion, which would take effect in 2014.

Monday’s defeat of Democratic amendments clears the way for a possible vote on the Republican budget as early as today. Governor Tom Corbett reiterated Monday that he not only wants a budget by June 30th, but also a transportation funding plan, pension reform and liquor privatization.