Governor Tom Corbett to Return for In-Depth Interview

Governor Tom Corbett visited our Radio PA/PA Matters studios for 39 installments of “Ask the Governor” during his term in office from January 2011 through January 2015. As it turns out, he had one more ATG in him, and in a very special edition of the show in January, you will hear Governor Corbett answer questions about Kathleen Kane, the Penn State factor in his re-election loss, Jerry Sandusky, the combative state legislature in Harrisburg and much more. It’s a no-holds-barred interview in which the former governor speaks from the heart on these issues and more.

Look for this special edition of Ask the Governor January 8th here on and on Radio PA affiliates across Pennsylvania throughout the month of January.

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  1. Amanda Bonner
    Amanda Bonner says:

    No one is interested in hearing from One Term Tommy. We had enough of him for four years. Let him live in oblivion.

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