Governor Tom Corbett on Liquor Privatization

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    LUCIA BUELOW says:

    Dear Governor Corbett
    Why are you so set on selling off a system that brings in $105 million dollars ?? whos pockets do you want to line?? Leave well enough alone Mr. Corbett Pennsylvania is in such bad shape we can’t afford to have 5,000 workers out of work and why can’t we use this money to help with the budget? Why not tax your marcellus Shell industry that backed your campaign and then maybe you can afford to pay out state pensions………..but we know what your agenda is………..don’t worry you won’t be around another for years because anyone who votes for you needs their heads examined !!

  2. Bess Ondako
    Bess Ondako says:

    Mr. Corbett– between the privatization of state stores and your relentless slashes and disregard for public education, you are completely and single handedly destroying my family’s living. I am a public educator and we own a beer distributor. Why are you so bent on putting working families OUT OF WORK when the unemployment is already rather high? How can making alcohol more accessible benefit anyone? And the one time windfall of money doesn’t help longterm school funding issues that you created. Are really making decisions for the best interest of the commonwealth or those for your party? I’d like to see a real plan; one that includes putting people back to work and enriching our public schools.

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