Airedale Terrier

Governor, First Lady to Welcome “First Pets”

Governor Tom Corbett and his wife Susan can hardly wait to hear the pitter-patter of little paws at the Governor’s Residence.  “We have two Airedale puppies coming.  We’ve had Airedales, three of them so far.  Right now I call them four and five,” Governor Tom Corbett tells us.  Without names for the pups, the Corbetts are turning to the children of Pennsylvania for some assistance.  “We’ve received a number of entries so far.  There are some cute entries, and then there are some adults writing in as kids,” Corbett quipped. 

Suggestions can be made online or mailed, but must be received by next Monday, July 25th.  The two kids who submit the winning puppy names will receive an autographed photo of the Governor, First Lady and “First Pets.” 

Governor Corbett says there are a few names that are already out of the running:  “Maggie was the first Airedale, Fergie was the second Airedale, and Daisy was the one that we had as Attorney General.  She lived to be about ten and a half, and she died back in November of 2009.”

Appearing on “Ask the Governor,” Corbett discussed his dogs, both new and old.  “It’s the largest terrier of the terrier breed.  They’re black and tan.  Right now, as puppies, they look like little black bears,” Corbett said of the Airedales.  “They were messengers in World War I, they’re police dogs in England.  They are great dogs; very loyal,” Corbett explained. 

Airedales are also known as skilled hunters.  “There won’t be any groundhogs at the Governor’s Residence, I can guarantee you that,” Corbett joked.  

(Photo credit: Mary Bloom, copyright AKC)