PA Preferred

Farm Show Epitomizes “PA Preferred”

Walking through the 97th Pennsylvania Farm Show, it’s hard not to notice the vivid blue and gold signs boasting “PA Preferred” products.  From blue ribbon-winning veggies to the pork barbeque being served up for lunch, PA Preferred products are all around you.  When you see that logo, you know you’re purchasing a product that was made or grown in the Keystone State.    

“When you purchase local products, you’re helping strengthen our economy,” explains PA Preferred Coordinator Bryan Keister.  “If every household in Pennsylvania spent $10-dollars a week on PA Preferred products, $2.9-billion dollars could be reinvested back into the state.” 

First Lady Susan Corbett – a familiar face at the Farm Show this week – was slicing up some Pennsylvania mushrooms on the Culinary Connection stage, as she and Governor’s Residence Chef Barry Crumlich prepared tarts at one of 50-different cooking demonstrations on the schedule.  “I strongly feel that it’s best if we buy fresh, buy local,” Crumlich told the Farm Show visitors who crowded in for a better view.

Each day is themed at the popular PA Preferred Culinary Connection, located in the Farm Show’s Main Hall.  Thursday is Apple Day, as PA is the fourth biggest apple producing state (439-million pounds), and Friday is 3-Every Day of Dairy, as PA ranks fifth in the nation for milk production (1.2-billion gallons).