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Christman Blog: Farewell to “The Office”

Since 2005, the fictional paper company Dunder Mifflin has called Scranton, Pennsylvania its TV home. Production of the NBC series The Office didn’t take place in Lackawanna County, but the constant references to local businesses and other real-life features of the region were a boost to locals over the sitcom’s 9-season run. Yes, you can go to […]

Christman Blog: The Overlooked Answer

Yes, that was “Ask the Governor” you saw on MSNBC’s Hardball with Chris Matthews last night, and the Huffington Post, and the Philly and Pittsburgh news sites. The video from Monday’s taping of Ask the Governor is now viral. While critics of Governor Tom Corbett bask in the glow of his comments about job applicants and […]

Christman Blog: The JoePa Legacy Question

Today marks one year since the death of Joe Paterno. At any other time in his tenure at Penn State, Paterno’s death and the subsequent anniversaries would be cause for overwhelming demonstrations of love, grief and a remembrance of Penn State football glory. January of 2012, however, was like no other time in the history […]

Christman Blog: PAMatters – 1,000 Posts and Counting

I’m usually not one for empty platitudes associated with round numbers, but this one has meaning. has reached the 1,000-post milestone – that’s one thousand news stories, blog entries, video clips and audio offerings since our inception last year. We are proud to have “Ask the Governor” as our cornerstone program and I’m pleased to […]

Christman Blog: A Moment with Arlen That Didn’t Make It to Air

It was 1997 and a major event was unfolding in Philadelphia. General Colin Powell had brought together all living U.S. Presidents, with the exception of the ailing Ronald Reagan, for “The Presidents Summit for America’s Future.” It was the grand kickoff for his America’s Promise initiative. In addition to Presidents Ford, Carter, Bush41 and Clinton, Philadelphia […]

BLOG: The National Conventions According to Google

The candidates’ wives are proving to be real assets in the presidential race.  After Ann Romney stole the show last week in Tampa, Michele Obama was the most searched speaker leading up to the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte.  “We saw her searches skyrocket as she took to the podium, increasing 500% as she started […]