PennDOT Posts the Help Wanted Signs for Winter

We may be in the heat of July, but PennDOT is looking ahead to winter.  The help wanted signs are up for the Winter Maintenance Program.

The program, whichs runs from September into early April, hires transportation equipment operators and diesel mechanics to help remove snow and ice and maintain the equipment used for the job.

PennDOT spokesman Dennis Buterbaugh says a lot of people may not realize that when the winter season hits, PennDOT does not have enough of a complement of people to get out and plow the roads. They’re seeking people who have Commercial Drivers Licenses (CDLs) or who are certified diesel mechanics. There are also other seasonal positions available at some in some of PennDOT’s districts.

Buterbaugh  says they often see people who are construction and heavy equipment drivers during the summer seek snow removal positions in the winter.

People who are interested in a temporary position can call their local PennDOT office to see which jobs are available in their area.  More information on the Winter Maintenance Program is available at Penndot’s web site under Non-student Winter Maintenance Opportunities, including a link to apply.