Table Games Revenue Sets New Monthly Record in March at Pennsylvania Casinos

Although slot machine revenue declined last month at Pennsylvania’s casinos, table games posted a healthy month.

The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board says table games generated the highest monthly amount to date in March, 9% higher than the same month last year. Last March had set the previous record for table games revenue.

The increase helped balance the drop in slots revenue, pushing overall gross revenue from gaming 1% higher than March of 2012. The numbers were boosted by the Valley Forge Casino, which was only operating a few days during the same month last year as it opened in late March.

Sands Casino Resort in Bethlehem had the highest amount of table games play and the biggest increase.

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Pennsylvania Casinos Wrap Up Profitable Year

It was a good year for table games at Pennsylvania’s casinos, with a double digit increase boosted by June’s numbers and the newest casino.

The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board says revenue from table games play rose 15.5% last month compared to June of last year, with play up at all but three casinos and helped by the addition of the Valley Forge Casino Resort.

For the fiscal year that ended in June, table games revenue rose nearly 31% over the previous year. All 10 casinos that were operating last year posted increases, with the Sands Casino Resort in Bethlehem showing the highest numbers.

Combined with slot machine revenue generated in the fiscal year, gaming revenue was up 10 percent compared to the previous year.

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Table Games Revenue Up for May

May was a good month for table games overall in Pennsylvania, but the numbers were helped by the newest casino.

The state Gaming Control Board is reporting a 7.4% increase in table games revenue for May.  There were 140 new tables operating compared to May of last year, and 50 of them at the newest facility, the Valley Forge Casino Resort.

Revenues were up at four of the existing casinos, but down at six others.  The Sands Casino Resort in Bethlehem saw the biggest increase.

Overall, table games provided over 55.2 million dollars in gross revenue.

In a report released earlier this month, slots revenue was also up for May, by 3.4%, and those numbers too were helped by the addition of Valley Forge, which opened in late March.

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Table Games Revenue Increases in January at Pennsylvania Casinos

Table games revenue rose in January.  Numbers were up for seven of the state’s 10 operating casinos, with an increase of 22.3% over the revenue for the same month last year.

Richard McGarvey, spokesman for the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board, says play at table games generated tax revenue of more than 8.6 million dollars for January.

McGarvey says casinos are still adding tables, with about 121 more table game in operation compared to the same time last year.  He says that’s an indication they’re still growing and learning their market.

The state’s newest casino, a resort casino at Valley Forge, will go on line in late March with both slots and table games.

Play at table games does not seem to be cutting into slots play at the casinos.  Numbers that came out earlier this month showed a 7% increase in slots revenue over last January.

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Report Provides New Table Games Data

August 2010 was the first full month for table games at Pennsylvania casinos, so the August 2011 revenue report includes the first year-to-year glimpse at table games revenue in the Keystone State.  For instance, the nine casinos operating in August 2010 raked in $34.6-million in gross revenue.  Those same nine casinos collected $48.6-million in gross revenue last month, according to the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board’s figures. 

Philadelphia’s SugarHouse Casino opened up in September 2010, so year-over-year numbers aren’t yet available for it. 

Much of the increase in revenues can be attributed to the growth of table games on the casino floor.  There were 636 tables operating at nine casinos in August 2010.  Those same nine casinos were operating 871 tables last month. 

Parx Casino in Bensalem has the most table games operating (172).  Sands Casino Resort in Bethlehem had the most gross table games revenue last month ($10.8-million).  July 2011 still stands as the biggest gross revenue month for table games, with $56.2-million collected across all ten casinos.  That number was $54.7-million last month. 

Pennsylvania’s table games law taxes gross revenue at a rate of 16%.  14% is funneled into the state’s General Fund.  2% is tacked on as a local share.

Table Games Revenue Hits Highest Level to Date in July

Table games play in Pennsylvania hit a new high mark last month.   Gross revenue produced by table games at the state’s  10 casinos topped 56 million dollars in July; the highest level since March.   Table games, which are taxed at a lower rate than slots due to the manpower required, brought in more than 9 million dollars in tax revenue in July.

Richard McGarvey, a spokesman for the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board, says employment has continued to increase at the casinos since table games began.  He says over the last year, 47 hundred additional jobs have been created at the casinos.  He says table games take more people, including dealers and other staff, to deal with the extra demand. McGarvey says casinos are still adding tables and employees.

McGarvey says at the beginning of table games, they were seeing gross revenue in the 30 million dollar range and now it’s up to the 50 million dollar range.  He says casinos are still attracting customers and learning what games people like to play.

McGarvey also says table games have not affected slots negatively, he says slots play has increased about 1 or 2% since table games began.