GOP, Women Boost Corbett’s Poll Numbers

Governor Tom Corbett’s approval ratings have reached the elusive 50% mark, according to today’s Quinnipiac Poll.  “Governor Corbett’s batting average with Republicans and women in the state have surged 11 percentage points,” says Quinnipiac pollster Tim Malloy, who notes that today’s 50 – 32 mark is Corbett’s best to date. 

“Compared to slumping GOP governors in other swing states, he’s headed to the all-star game,” Malloy says. “The governor’s having a good month.  People are gravitating toward him.”  In Ohio, a recent Quinnipiac Poll shows Governor John Kasich under water with a negative 40 – 49 job approval rating.  In Florida, 50% of voters disapprove of the job that Governor Rick Scott is doing. 

“Whatever’s happened in the past few weeks… it may be the flooding, the way he handled that, it may be that people are just warming up to him.  He’s had a good week here,” Malloy said of Corbett’s surge. However, Corbett’s support wanes when voters are asked they like his policies.  42% said they “like” Corbett’s policies, 37% responded “don’t like.”