Fewer Families Saving for College

It appears that the lingering effects of the recession have hit college savings efforts.   Only half of American families with kids under age 18 are saving for college according to research released by Sallie Mae and Ipsos. That number represents a decline from two years ago.

Sarah Ducich , a senior vice president at Sallie Mae, says families are also saving less, and putting money into more liquid vehicles that don’t earn as much interest.

Ducich says some families also think it’s too early to save for infants, or too late to save for teens for college. But she says if you have a plan, anything you put away can help reduce the amount your student will need to borrow.

Ducich says the plan must consider the total cost of obtaining an undergraduate degree. You can learn more about preparing a college savings plan at Sallie Mae’s website.  You can get information on Pennsylvania’s 529 college savings plans at the state Treasurer’s website.