2018 Pennsylvania Primary Election – Who’s Missing?

Starting in late March, Radio PA reached out to the 5 candidates running for the GOP nominations for U.S. Senate and governor, extending invitations to appear on the network’s 2-hour primary election preview “Primary Choices: 2018.” We gave the campaigns a window of nearly 5 weeks to schedule an interview.

4 of the 5 campaigns responded to our initial overture, with three candidates – Jim Christiana, Paul Mango and Laura Ellsworth – eagerly accepting our invitation. You can hear their interviews here on PAMatters.com.

The campaign of Congressman Lou Barletta, who is running for the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate, initially indicated their willingness to participate, but then did not respond to multiple attempts to schedule an interview during the entire month of April.

The campaign of gubernatorial candidate Scott Wagner did not respond to Radio PA at all.

As a result, we are bringing you the interviews with the candidates who did take the time and effort to be heard on the statewide airwaves and here on PAMatters.com.

Primary Choices: 2018” is now available on PAMatters.com. The program previews the primary elections and takes a sneak peek at November and the prospects for Democratic incumbents Bob Casey and Tom Wolf in what is a critical mid-term election year.

The 2018 Pennsylvania Primary Election is on Tuesday, May 15th. Make sure your voice is heard.