State Supreme Court Goes “Social”

The state’s highest court is using social networking to alert people about decisions and rulings.  The Pennsylvania  Supreme Court has established a Twitter feed to provide quick notification of new orders, rules, opinions and statements written by the justices.

Art Heinz, communications coordinator for the administrative office of PA Courts, says it’s part of the court’s commitment to provide information and access to court proceedings and documents. He says the feed will give followers an alert when a decision has been issued by the court.  The reader can click on the link and the ruling will come up.

Heinz says the court is keenly aware that the way people receive information now is changing rapidly.  He says Twitter is a widely recognized vehicle for providing these information alerts. He says the court is always interested in improving access to court documents in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

The Twitter feed is not a two way communication method.  People who have questions should visit the comment section at the Pennsylvania judiciary’s web site.

Anyone can sign up to receive alerts at by entering supremectofpa.