Equine Coalition Concerned About Drop in Slots Revenue at Racetrack Casinos

Slot machine revenue at Pennsylvania’s casinos in March tallied the second highest monthly total since gaming began in the state, exceeding July of 2011. But a year to year comparison is thornier, because the highest month ever was March of last year. This year, slots were down 1.6%, with only Rivers Casino posting an increase.

Slots revenues at the state’s six racetrack casinos fell by more than 5 % last month according to the Pennsylvania Equine Coalition and that continues a downward trend that started last year. The coalition believes competition from neighboring states is playing a role.

Spokesman Pete Peterson says they believe Governor Corbett’s budget estimates for the Race Horse Development Fund are overly optimistic. He says they’re projecting less revenue for the fund, at the same time the Governor’s budget proposes using some of it for other budget needs next year.

Peterson says they’d also like to see the casinos put more effort into marketing the horse racing industry.