Radio PA Roundtable – April 1-4, 2016

On this week’s Radio PA Roundtable, a special report from Radio PA’s Rachel McDevitt examines why it is so difficult to get reliable gun violence statistics you can trust; Dr. Terry Madonna from F&M College stops by to talk about Pennsylvania’s relevance in this year’s presidential primaries; and a Pennsylvania expert offers perspective on a deadly month of March on the world terrorism stage.

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Radio PA Roundtable 04.19.13

On this week’s Radio PA Roundtable, Brad Christman and Matt Paul recap a shocking week in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombing. Also, a new transportation funding plan surfaces in Harrisburg and the NRA takes over the Eastern Sports & Outdoors Show just as it leads the effort to defeat expanded background checks at gun shows.

Radio PA Roundtable is a 30-minute program featuring in-depth reporting on the top news stories of the week.

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Shock and Horror in Boston

Pennsylvania was well represented at Monday’s Boston Marathon, and Keystone Staters were among those ducking for cover and fleeing the finish line area when two bombs were detonated. At least three people have been killed, more than 140 injured.

Jo Rupp is a former Millersville University runner from York County. The now-Pittsburgh resident was separated from friends after finishing the race and experienced some tense hours as cell phone service was down and chaos interrupted attempts to connect with her group. Rupp did eventually find out that her friends were okay. She is due to return to PA today.

Mark Sullivan is a member of the Selinsgrove-based Susquehanna Ridge Runners Club, which sent 9 runners to Boston. Sullivan had crossed the finish line before the blasts, but his wife had lingered around the finish line area, leaving just minutes before the deadly explosions.

She had been sitting right across the street from it…she would have been about 50 feet away from where the first explosion took place had she not left when she did. We’re very thankful and we thank God that she wasn’t there,” Sullivan told WITF news.

The FBI is leading the investigation in Boston. President Obama pledged to bring the perpetrators to justice Monday