Pennsylvania Lottery Announces 13th Millionaire Raffle

13 could be a lucky number for a lot of Pennsylvanians.  Tickets go on sale November 18th for the Lottery’s 13th Millionaire Raffle.   Four lucky ticket holders will kick off  2012 as millionaires.  The drawing   will take place on New Year’s Eve. 

In addition to the four top prizes, there are four second prizes of $100,000 each, 100 prizes of $1,000 each, and almost 59 hundred prizes of 100 dollars.

Lottery spokeswoman Elizabeth Brassell says only 500 thousand tickets will be sold, until they run out. The previous 12 raffles all sold out.  The tickets are 20 dollars each.

The odds of hitting the top prize are 1 in 125 thousand. The odds of winning one of 6,000 prizes are about 1 in 83.

The lottery encourages people not to wait too long if they plan to buy one of the raffle tickets, since it’s a limited pool of tickets.   Proceeds from lottery games go to programs that benefit older Pennsylvanians.